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I have written some articles. I believe making backgammon simple causes us to play better. I like to make some simple concepts and then keep them. My articles show many of these simple concepts of backgammon. Most of my articles are strategic. They show a lot of positions. I will need to rewrite these to HTML. It all takes time. I do my webpage as a hobby, so please have patience.

If you got an article and you would like other people to read it. Please contact me.

GamesGrid closing

Bank Roll Management
Containment cubes (by Karsten Nielsen)
Counting shots (by Karsten Nielsen)
Holding games (by Karsten Nielsen)
Leave or keep anchor (by Karsten Nielsen)
Opening (by Karsten Nielsen)
Running games and bear offs (by Karsten Nielsen)
The internet style
Using Snowie I - basic (by Karsten Nielsen)
Using Snowie II - advanced (by Karsten Nielsen)
Quiz (by Karsten Nielsen)
Quiz - Answers (by Karsten Nielsen)



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