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GamesGrid is closing down. I have been told to make a comment on this. To me GamesGrid was the first place for me to play a lot of backgammon on the internet. In a way You can say GamesGrid is where I had my online education to backgammon. To receive this message makes me sad. GamesGrid has always had the best software. By this I mean one of the best interfaces. Obtion to change the backgammon board to what ever you liked it to. Various backgammon variants to be played. GamesGrid was the only place you could play propositions. Chats were available. And a "whois" was there for every player so you could see how the did against your opponents. The GamesGrid software was unieque. Probably the backgammon society will never experience a better software than the GamesGrid software. Fees and rake was cheaper than anywhere on the internet. GamesGrid always had quick and reliable payouts. And at the time of this writing it is no different. The GamesGrid closing is a great loss for the online backgammon community. Below is the message from GamesGrid.

Karsten Nielsen - allwind 3/3 2008

Dear GamesGrid Backgammon Players,

We are posting the unfortunate news that GamesGrid Backgammon is closing. Today, 26 February 2008, begins the first phase of closing down. From today there will be no more play involving money. Also, from today it will not be possible to create new accounts, deposit money in your account, or purchase a new membership.

It is with some regret that we are obliged to close down. However a combination of commercial and legal considerations make it necessary.

We are not going out of business and the balances in your accounts are safe and will be returned to you. Those of you who have paid for membership will also be refunded some or all of your membership fees.

GamesGrid Backgammon will remain open for play not involving money for a short time. We anticipate that the second phase of closing down will begin 26 May 2008. At that time, it is almost certain that GamesGrid Backgammon will close down completely. We will contact you at that time to confirm what will happen.

It will remain possible to log in to your account and play in non-money games until May. If you already have a membership, you may purchase a one-time extension of your existing membership. A 1-month membership extension will be $12.95 and a 3-month membership extension will be $24.95. Please purchase your membership extension within the next week, i.e., by 4 March 2008.

You must log in to your account to request a withdrawal of your account balance. Please do so in the ordinary way using the cashier functionality of the GamesGrid Backgammon software. Further details of how to make a withdrawal are given here. Account balances of $2 or less will not be refunded owing to the transaction costs to do so-we hope you understand. Due to the anticipated number of withdrawal requests and the time required to process them securely, withdrawals will be processed beginning around 15 March 2008. If you have questions regarding the return of your account balance, please contact support@gamesgrid.com.

If you have paid for membership, part of your membership fee will be refunded if your membership would have extended beyond 26 May 2008. Membership fee refunds will be prorated and computed according to the table given here. If you have a question about your refund, please contact our support team at support@gamesgrid.com. Processing of refunds will begin on 15 March 2008 and may take some time to reach players. Please bear this in mind before contacting support to ask after refunds.

Once again, it is regrettable that we have to close GamesGrid Backgammon. We hope you will find the arrangements we have made fair under the circumstances. Any further questions can be directed to support@gamesgrid.com.

Yours sincerely

GamesGrid Backgammon



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