August 3
I have made an agreement with poker affiliate solutions to offer rakeback at my site. The rakeback business is a jungle. I have known the management behind poker affiliate solutions for years and have been doing other business with them for years. I trust them. If you have any quistions what so ever you are welcome to contact me at anytime with any kind of quistions.

April 10 - The Double 5 Backgammon Club opens in London. Read all about it here.

March 3 2008 - GamesGrid is closing. Read the article here.

Update March 1

I have updated lots of positions to my webpage. 95% of the positions are rolled out 3ply, 324 games, played fast, full games, non truncated. I have written the cubeless snowie evaluation in the buttom of the file. So it is possible to compare the equities between evaluation and roll out!

I am updating my website February 13 2008. I have made some bigger changes lately.

I am still updating the ranking list. Originally I made the ranking list with Iancho Hristov from Bulgaria. We gathered matches together. Unfortunately he lost the matches he had before I ever got a chance to back them up. I got the matches I recorded myself and the matches people sent to me. I would say about 70% of the matches are still kept!

I have made a tag called "glossary". This is as far as I know the first glossary that has a lot of words from the online world of backgammon. I hope a lot of players will benefit a lot from my glossary!

I have made a tag called "pictures". You can here view the pictures of backgammon players from around the world!

I have had banners on my website. The banners took up space and did not work as intended. I have removed the banners. You are of course welcome to still use my links and bonus codes. They can all be found under "links & bonus".

I have a tag called positions. I still have problems with exporting positions from Snowie. This also makes it more difficult to write articles. I am looking for a kind person to help export hundreds of positions from Snowie. It is not that simple. Because, in each one of those positions there is a note written. The solution I am looking is a smart way to export the positions and by the same way keep the written note for the visitors of gammonluck!

I have changed the fee for teaching backgammon. The fees are now in €.

I have added a tag called "rules". They are to explain the rules of backgammon.

I dont want my opponents to know how I think and play in poker. This could cause my opponents to get an advantage over me, that I do not have over them. The tag "poker" has been removed. I am a lot better at backgammon.

I want you to enjoy the free backgammon knowledge available at my website.

Kind Regards
Karsten Nielsen



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